About us

About us

Epasell is a virtual marketplace where both private individuals and entrepreneurs can buy and sell their new and used goods as well as their services. We at Epasell do our best to ensure that our customers have a secure bidding and reliable trading distance.


We want to make a positive change in society and make everyday life easier for people. We want to remind the people that we are facing a major threat with, among other things, climate change and there is much we can all do to prevent this. Small things have an impact and are significant. Today we all consume as if natural resources never run out. It is not sustainable and therefore we need to change our way of consuming.


Epasell was created to save the environment and the world. We do this by reducing waste and the amount of greenhouse gases and encouraging people to sell things they no longer need instead of throwing them away. The reason for this is that nowadays it is thrown away very unnecessarily, which contributes to a worse climate.


Think that what you throw away can be useful to others. Buying used is gentle on the environment because it saves materials, energy and other parts needed for a new product.  Therefore, we value trade in used goods instead of buying new all the time. 15% of the corporate profits will go to African people living with hunger and lack of clean water.

Remember that your choice can make a big difference, both in society and in the world.