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Term of use


Scope and consent

Epasell is a marketplace that allows users to sell and buy almost anything at several different prices and locations. Epasell does not own any of the items sold through Epasell and is not a party to the transactions between buyers and sellers. Purchase agreements are entered into directly between buyers and sellers. But we can help resolve disputes between users. However, we can not guarantee that the items advertised exist, have a certain quality, are safe or legal. It is always the buyer or seller who will actually complete a transaction or return an item.



 Using Epasell

When using Epasell, do not:

 - Publish items in incorrect categories or areas on our website

 - Violate third party rights or our policies

 - Use our services if you can not enter into binding agreements (eg if you are under 18 years of age)

 - Fail to deliver items that you have sold

 - Publish or use false, misleading or offensive content or information


 If you register with Epasell, you confirm that you are authorized to represent this User Agreement. We will start marketing our services to you as soon as you have approved this User Agreement. We reserve the right to close accounts that cannot be verified.


Abuse of Epasell

We may restrict, close or terminate our services and user accounts, prohibit access to and your use of our services and stop bids and remove ads if we believe you are causing risks or problems.


Terms of advertising

When you put an item up for sale, you accept that you are responsible for the content of the ad and not to sell prohibited items.


Terms of purchase

 When you buy an item, you agree that you are responsible for reading the entire ad before you place a bid on or purchase an item.



You are responsible for ensuring that all content that you provide to us in your use of the Services is correct. You also guarantee that the content does not offend others.



Epasell is not responsible for delays, errors, damages or anything else that has to do with payment for items that you buy or sell at Epasell.





We strive to maintain good security, but we cannot guarantee that the services will be available without interruption. And we should not be liable for indirect damages that we could not reasonably foresee.

 You agree that you are solely responsible and we do not guarantee that the information provided by our users on our website is correct.



If a dispute arises between you and Epasell, we recommend that you first contact us directly through our Customer Service to try to find a solution.

We have the right to change this User Agreement by publishing the new terms on https://epasell.se or sending them by e-mail. By continuing to use the Services after the new User Agreement enters into force, you accept the new User Agreement.


You have the right to when you want to close your user account with Epasell.



Policies of Epasell 


Items you are not allowed to sell on Epasell



 Used underwear

 Doping agents

 Email addresses

 Counterfeit banknotes, coins and stamps



 Membership on websites

 Human parts


 Parking permit

 Pornographic material and sex toys

 Weapons and their accessories

 Security related items



Offensive and offensive content

Advertisements and / or objects that may offend or discriminate against ethnic groups and / or individuals are not approved and thus not published.